Payment and Cancellation

Payment and Cancellation related:

  • I tried to make the payment but it failed. What do I do…??

A: Payment may fail due to a server and other issues. You can try making the second attempt after a few minutes.

  • Transaction not successful but amount deducted from my account…??

A: Sometimes due to server issue payment gets debited from the user’s account. In such cases, the amount gets automatically refunded by the bank within 4 – 5 Working Days.

  • When can I expect a full refund of the order I canceled..???

A: Once you place the cancellation request, an order cancellation request mail is sent to you from our system along with the refund details. It generally takes 8-9 working days, depend your banking system.

  • How can I track my return Status..??

A: Go to your orders and click on return/ refund status.

  • Are there any Cancellation Charges..??

A:  We are sure about our Product, if you are not happy with the product then you cancel your order and this is not chargeable, we are only shipping charge deducted.

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