Shipping and Delivery

Shipping & Delivery Related:


  • My order is shipped but not yet delivered…??

A: Depending upon your location, Shipping generally takes 4-5 days. In very rare cases you might found delay because of clearance.

  • The order shows delivered but I have not received yet..??

A: In that case, you can do the following:


  1. Review your address.
  2. Check with neighbors
  3. Check delivery email
  4. Report to us

  • Can I cancel the order which is out for delivery..??

A: No, You Not cancel the order at the time of delivery, Once you received parcel, then create return request.

  • What shopping modes are available..??

A: Surface / Express Shopping modes are available.

  • How to change delivery information like address or phone number..??

A: You can update your address, email, phone number etc. before shipping by visiting order section. There you will find an edit button.

  • What if I get the wrong item..??

A: If you have received a wrong item, then you can place a return/ replace request and can also mention the reason that “wrong item was sent”.

  • Can I refuse the order when it is delivered to me..??

A: Yes, you can refuse the order at the time of delivery.

  • How long generally an order takes to deliver…??

A: Depending upon the location, it generally takes 3-4 days.

  • Will shipping charges be refunded if I cancel..??

A: Sorry for that, we are probably provide best shipping services and it’s chargeable, you want to cancel order after received, then not refunded your shipping charges.

  • What if I am not available at home at the time of delivery..??

A: When the order is out for delivery, we will keep informing you about status through the message. You can direct neighbor to receive the product.


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